Master Joseph M. Kirchner, founder of the Master K’s Karate System, is one of the few Master Instructors around who still gets out on the floor and teaches classes. You can find him at least twice a week at the school, working and sparring with his students both in Karate and Boxing.

Many master instructors sit behind a desk while their staff teaches their classes. Master K believes in always being involved in the day-to-day operations of his studios. He also sits on the board of judges at every testing session. He teaches advanced classes once a month, as well as regular weekly classes, and private instruction. Master K's philosophy and teaching style have a hint of “old school tradition” in them.

Born and raised in Detroit, where he was schooled and trained in boxing and karate, Master K instills a mental and physical toughness in his students. This hard-and-soft teaching style makes for a unique blend of martial arts training.

Master K has been involved in the defensive arts since 1958. Trained by his father in boxing at the age of 8, and then later in the art of jui jitsu, Master K developed his street defense skills at an early age. He continued to pursue his boxing training and competed in the Golden Gloves Lightweight division at the age of 15. After joining a local karate club, Master K showed impressive natural ability, rapidly developing his skills. After acquiring his first-degree black belt Master K opened his first school in the early 1970s. He has been affiliated with many karate dojos throughout the years, attaining black-belt and Master ranks in several Martial Arts styles.

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