The Master K's system incorporates a combination of the most effective techniques taken from each of these popular Martial Arts styles:

Traditional Tang Soo Do
Kata's (forms), the circular blocks, direct strikes, kicks and the Chinese influence of redirection

Speed hitting, multiple striking, the deadly pinpoint accuracy of priority targets and pressure points in close-quarter situations

Tae Kwon Do


Ai Ki Do

Wrist locks, arm bars, pressure points, manipulations, and take-downs. Gun, knife, and club defense, redirecting an opponent's energy, and distraction.

Ju Jitsu/Judo

Grappling, wrist locks, arm bars, pressure points, manipulations, throws, take-downs, pins, submissions, gun, knife, and club defense

Kung Fu

Circular parries, traps, simultaneous block / hitting, cat stances, evasiveness, redirection, gate system, small box theory, stance transfer, pak sau, deception, and techniques taken from the tiger, crane, snake, monkey, and the dragon

Hap Ki Do

Escapes from holds, throws, take-downs, close-quarter situations


Proper fighting stance, effective punching, footwork, counter-punching, distance fighting, slipping, feinting, defensive skills, sparring

Combination punching/kicking, sparring

This practical self-defense system includes the strengths derived from each Martial Arts style and disregards the weaknesses.

The Master K's system has evolved over many years of practice and study. It is ever-changing, yet always the same; constantly being refined but the basic foundation remains - always striving for what really works!

Children's Training
We offer Martial Arts training for children as young as 4 years of age. Martial Arts offers significant benefits over traditional types of fitness activities for children. Martial Arts can build your child's self-confidence as he or she learns to defend themself. It's inherent structured environment teaches self-discipline. And Martial Arts training always emphasizes respect; respect for one's self and respect for others.

Martial Arts and Children with ADD
Numerous health experts have cited the benefits of Martial Arts training for children with ADD. A recent report on the web site HealthAtoZ states that "Using mind-body disciplines, martial arts seem to address the short attention spans of today's children, even those diagnosed with ADD. Karate school is so structured that it can be a stabilizing influence on ADHD kids - sometimes dramatically so."

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