Gun, Knife and Club Defense
We offer a comprehensive training program for gun, knife and club defense. Master K is experienced in hundreds of techniques for defending against a Gun, Knife or Club attack. We take the time to break down every technique involving defense against a weapon so that the student has a clear and reasonable understanding of the “hows and “whys” of each defense technique.

Master K's reputation as a weapons defense expert is well known in Southeastern Michigan. He has personally trained many law enforcement personnel from local FBI and CIA bureaus, police departments, and private investigation firms. He has also given numerous seminars, clinics and special self defense classes on the subject of weapons defense.

Nun Chaku
Master K's also offers training in the Nun Chaku, more commonly known as “nunchuks”. This weapon was once a used as a farm tool in Okinawa, and gained massive popularity in the 1970s as a result of Bruce Lee's introduction and mastery of the weapon in the movie “Enter the Dragon”.

Master K has practiced the art of the Nun Chaku for over 36 years, and he has developed a strong proficiency in the practical application of the weapon. He now passes that knowledge and skill level down to the students who are interested in learning this ancient weapon.

Bo Staff Training
The Bo staff is the weapon of choice because the staff techniques can be applied to many other items such as an umbrella, cane, stick etc…

Master K has been studying and working with the Bo staff for over 35 years. He teaches those that are interested in this weapon. Learning to use the Bo can enhance your overall picture of the martial arts. It teaches you balance, power, coordination, control, focus, strength, stance and confidence. The study of the Bo can take a student to sparring level which is when all the techniques and practice are put to the test.

To actually spar with a partner who also knows how to use the Bo is truly an amazing thing to experience or watch. Through sparring, a student will realize the importance of proper hand form when controlling the staff. If a student has not acquired the skill necessary to properly hold the staff during sparring the student could easily injure his hands. It take years of practice to quickly change hand form for each individual strike or block, thus resulting in a high level of concentration, somewhat like fencing.

Students are taught at a very slow pace, gradually working their way up to the sparring level. If a student does not wish to spar, this is acceptable, and we can still take it to the sparring level with out actually sparring.

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